East Coast — Portland, Maine

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Maine 249I instantly fell in love with Portland, Maine due to it’s small town feel and quaint appearance. I started my trip with perusing the downtown shops where I found an AMAZING vintage store where I purchased a ring and bracelet for my ever-growing collection. From there, I went to Sebago Brewery to meet with an old friend, Heidi for drinks. I braved “M” the quadruple ale and at 10% ABV I was feeling pret-ty good by the time we left for dinner at Jay’s Oyster House. The raw oysters, scallops and lobster roll were to die for (and CHEAP!) From there we went to Infinity Brew Bar for our night caps.

I embarked on a self-guided lighthouse tour that I totally recommend to anyone visiting Portland. It started in Cape Elizabeth with 3 lighthouses and ended back in Portland, just in time for Heidi and I to grab lunch at Duck Fat, which you may know if you are an avid follower of the show Chopped. Totally recommend the pork belly sandwich and the French fries which are fried in duck fat and served with truffle ketchup. It puts Heinz to shame! That evening we tested out the lobster rolls at Bull Feeney’s and Allegash White Ale (which I had had the luxury of touring before dinner). The next day I was finally able to get a bit of a nap before Novare Res Bier Cafe, home of every imaginable beer from local Maine breweries, and dinner at Nosh. If you hadn’t guessed, I gained probably 10lbs during the few days in Maine, but worth every mile of running that will be required to burn it.


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